Thrilling Outdoor Activities in Dubai


Often times seen in everyone’s bucket list, Dubai enables you to skydive and jump from a height of 4000m  and get a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s landscape, the Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, and desert. The jump will involve one minute of free fall and over five minutes of a slow descent.


Al Qudra cycling trail

If you love cycling, then you will definitely love this. The Al Qudra provides an enormous stretch of over 80 km to cycle. The route will take you through various beautiful desert landscapes and may come across wild animals such as horses.

Desert safari

Visiting Dubai is mandatorily accompanied by activities of the desert safari. In the desert, you can enjoy various activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and end the day by enjoying a scrumptious meal under the stars.

Dune bashing

Typically apart of desert safari activities, dune bashing provides an exhilarating adrenaline rush experience when seated in a powerful 4*4 vehicle while it climbs up and down on the dunes.

Desert quad biking

It involves maneuvering a quad bike over the desert surface. It is a thrilling and adventurous activity which can be driven by all, and due to this, it is a common favorite among tourists.

Desert quad biking


An extreme desert sport, sand boarding involves strapping down the boots attached to the flat bottomed board and sliding down the dunes at a fast pace. It is quite similar to snowboarding.

Dune buggy riding

One of the most popular activities in Dubai, the dune buggy is a powerful vehicle fitted with thick tires and safety of the protective cage enable it to make it an exciting and thrilling automobile experience in the sand.

Deep sea fishing

Another adventurous activity is deep sea fishing. The Persian Gulf has many different species of fish such as the Barracuda, Kingfish, Cobias, Grouper and more. Deep sea fishing allows customers to fish within the fishing regulations, which is typically the catch and release technique. If you wish to bring home your catch, you are required to come back with a catch of 15 kg.

Mountain biking

A growing sport in the Dubai, mountain biking enables you to rent a bike and ride the various levels of the terrain of the Hajar mountains, which has some of the toughest mountain biking terrains of the Arabian peninsula.

Mountain biking

Dubai Autodrome

It provides a dedicated race track which allows customers to drive through the circuit in any supercar of their choice. Some of the supercars available are the Audi R8, Audi TT, McLaren MP4-12 C, and formula car. Before you handle such supercar, expert drivers will give a brief session on how to handle the car at the necessary turns.


A relatively new sport in the coast of Dubai, flyboarding allows you to fly over the water. How? The board consists of a hose backed up by a jet ski engine and as a result, pumps out water at tremendous force propelling you into the air at heights well over 10 meters. When in the air you can maneuver yourself using your weight and perform various stunts and practically fly.