The Best Restaurants in Dubai


The hotel is built on a bedecked pier facing towards the Arabian Gulf. The hotel specializes in European cuisine and being along-side the water; the hotel has some of the finest seafood available all over Dubai.  It has been awarded the title of Dubai’s best seafood restaurant. The pier serves as a romantic destination as well due to its serenity and silence from the typical hustle and bustle of Dubai.


Nathan Outlaw

The restaurant specializes in seafood cuisine and enables you to dine luxuriously within an aquarium giving an underwater-like dining experience. Moreover, the restaurant’s Michelin star British chef serves lip-smacking dishes using only the finest ingredients.


The restaurant is unique as during the day the modern Asian cuisine restaurant is simple and casual. However, post-sunset the restaurant evolves and lightens up reflecting a more refined and sleek nature with a pool surrounding the restaurant making it feel as if it is floating.

La Petite Maison

The restaurant focusing on a healthy Mediterranean cuisine uses only the best produce such as fresh olives, lemons, pepper, artichokes, etc. served with meat, seafood and different pasta to produce a dish which is healthy and delicious.

Al Hadheerah

Al Hadheerah is the signature Arabian restaurant of the Bab Al Shams. The restaurant is more than just a feast; you can enjoy different entertainment while you dine. Families can enjoy their meals while watching swordplay enactment, belly dancers and henna artists live in front of them.

Zheng He’s

The restaurant sits on a dockside of a canal and gives the pleasure of enjoying modern interpretations of traditional Chinese dishes while enjoying the beautiful view of the Burj Al Arab and Gulf skyline.


The restaurant is a combination of Japanese cuisine with Arabian influence. Found at the Atlantis hotel, the hotel is characterized by a stylish atmosphere. What is more interesting is the fact that the hotel allows guests to learn how to cook the excellent food first hand by world-renowned chef, Nobu Matsuhisa.



This elegant restaurant gives out a romantic vibe as it overlooks the Dubai Fountain. The restaurant revolves around Thai cuisine and serves delicious Bangkok themed food using fresh and flavourful ingredients.

Buddha Bar

Described as a single venue for a delicious oriental restaurant, bar and outdoor lounge, the Buddha Bar is identified by a massive statue of Buddha watching over it. A combination of relaxing sounds and scrumptious food makes the restaurant unique.

Table 9

The modern bistro located at the Hilton Dubai, allows a series of chefs to bring out their creativity on plates which has resulted in serving the best quality food with a personalized touch and service.

Rhodes W1

The British and French cuisine-themed restaurant allows its Michelin starred chef to produce an innovative and delicious menu using top European ingredients followed by a collection of aged wines.