Best Nightclubs in Dubai

White Dubai

Bestowed with the title of the club of the year for over three years in a row, White Dubai needs no introduction. The exclusive nightclub situated on the rooftop of Meydan Racecourse Grandstand is open only when the cold air hits Dubai, around mid-September. Away from the city, it offers an impeccable view of Dubai’s skyline and hosts a crazy crowd mix of tourists and residents. A precaution before entering the club is to wear your best attire, as only the best dressed get in. Plenty of famous DJs and artists play at the White Dubai.

White Dubai

Cirque Le Soir

The Cirque Le Soir is not your average nightclub. The club is based on an extreme circus theme, which is a mix of fun, glamour, and chaos. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the club is happening every night of the week and hosts different themes each night to satisfy different tastes. The club plays everything from hip-hop to EDM accompanied by live artists.


The premier nightclub, Armani/Prive is located in the luxurious Armani hotel of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The club is very grand and glamorous and plays sets of internationals and residents. Private live performances can be seen as well.


Billionaire mansion

The club pays true homage to its name. Recently opened in 2016, the club allows you and gives you best opportunity to party like a billionaire. The club’s atmosphere is a combination of exquisite dining, drinks and great parties. So make sure you are wearing your best.

Cavalli club

This famous nightclub has been there long before the clubbing scene in Dubai evolved and grew. But do not underestimate this club; the Cavalli club has been the longest running nightclub in the city. With glamorous settings inside and live shows by DJs, the Cavalli club is without a doubt a favorite among exclusive nightclubs in Dubai.

People by crystal

The exclusive club located in the Raffles Hotel is favored by both residents and tourists alike. Although, many questions as to what the hype is about and why is it hard to get in, they will seek answers to all their queries when they get inside the club. The old school club is open three days a week.People by crystal