• PPC Advertising Why PPC Advertising?

    To reach your potential customers on popular sites like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Yahoo and pay only if they click on your ad for more information.
  • PPC Advertising Is PPC Expensive?

    Your Return On Investment is what matters and that’s what we focus on when we create and manage your PPC ad campaigns! You can adjust your ad budgets as you go and you are never locked into a long term contract.
  • PPC Advertising Why

    We specialize in PPC, period. Count on our focus and experience to create and manage PPC ad campaigns that help grow your business, at the lowest cost possible.
Tired of waiting for your organic search engine optimization (SEO) and your social media efforts to kick in? Capture the searches that are not reaching your site with a PPC ad campaign and GROW YOUR BUSINESS NOW !
  • Pay Per ClickPPC Defined

       PPC or Pay per Click advertising are terms that describe the purchase of ads for placement on popular web properties such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. PPC ads can be seen from computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and can take the form of text ads, image ads, video ads, or rich media ads.

    PPC advertising is accessible to ALL BUSINESSES that can benefit from better visibility online, whether you sell products or services, are big or small, local or international.

    Test a PPC ad campaign created by i.c.dots and see the results for your business!

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